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Laser Surgery - COSJET VR

Product Detail Information

* Features
   - Less bleeding and pain
   - Low probability of surgery-induced inflamm
   - Fast recovery
   - High rate of patient satisfaction 

* Indication
   - Laser Surgery in Gynecology
   - Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation
   - Laser Clitoris Rejuvenation
   - Laser Hymen Restoration 

* Specification

  Wavelength: 980nm
  Pulse Duration: 50~999ms
  Repetition Rate: 0.1~9.9 Hz
  Irradiation Type: Diode Laser
  Electrical Requirement: AC 220V (50/60 Hz Single Phase)
  Power Consumption: 1100VA
  Weight: 10Kg
  Dimensions: 364×219×286mm (D×W×H)
  Beam Deliver: Flexible Optic Fiber(SMA905)
  Pilot: Diode Laser 635nm, Power 1mW
  Radiation Control: Foot Switch
  Class of Laser: Class 4
  Cooling System: Air cooling System
  Indicators: 6.4 Touch screen LCD(6.4 TFT-LCD)
  System: SMA 905, Non-Contact : Fiber & Tips